Brachial Plexus Injury Group Sri Lanka

Does anyone in Sri Lanka know what it is? Even the patients suffering from it?

How it is to live with it within our community?

I guess the chances of a random person knowing an answer to any of the above questions are nil. Even a general physician’s knowledge on this injury is very limited, if not none.

17 years ago I had no idea what it is, never even thought something like this could exist….

I doubt things have changed much since then and still there is very limited information & support available in Sri Lanka, Asia and also the rest of the world!

How much do us Sri Lankans know about this? How many of us more are affected by this? How much do they know about it? Are the medical services doing enough for the people living through with this pain?

With the number of road accidents how many are been affected by this injury? And are they been cared for properly?

Our aim is to find, educate, create a community among fellow sufferers, their loved ones and also to create more awareness among the general public.