Why People with Chronic Illness Rarely Take Your Advice Well

Then Everything Changed

People with a chronic illness live with their illness like Olympic athletes live and breathe their events day in and day out.  Except for one major detail, we didn’t choose to be chronically ill and we don’t love it.  We do, however, know it inside and out, think about it, deal with it,and  manage it, every single minute of every day of our lives.  We know our bodies, we know our illness, we have tried all kinds of treatments from the expected to treatments you have never heard of and neither had we until we were faced with trying to survive this illness.

juggling We are trying, it just doesn’t always work out well.

So, when I mention that I am struggling, with pain, fatigue, I’m having seizures, or can’t seem to control my hands this week and your response to my struggles is to mention that maybe yoga, or lyrica…

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