What it’s like to live with chronic nerve pain everyday

I was ill with Bi polar and jumped 50ft believing I could fly which resulted in me being paralysed

ME and jen pain

This photo of me and my friend was taken when I was in somedegree of nerve pain, if you have me on facebook most of the photos since my accident on there are too. Apperances can be so decieving, just like mental health difficulties a smile on someones face can hide so much. Especiallyin a photo, that split second that is captured can mask so much.

I dont think many people know or have heard of neuropathic pain because whenI mention it to anyone new I meet they ask me what medication I take…. but there isnt anything Ican take for it, nothing touches it no opiates like morphine, nothing. Last year I had the ambulance out and they gave me gas and air for it, that didnt work either. Over the last nearly 7 years I have tried every single painkiller and every nerve pain tablet going. I even…

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One thought on “What it’s like to live with chronic nerve pain everyday”

  1. Have you tried Lyrica? I have serve nerve damage from s1-l3 affecting my toes and legs and would be able to live without it, doesn’t remove it completely but makes a difference. Btw ty for sharing, your my new inspiration!


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