Control over our lives? We have no control. Or do we?

Then Everything Changed

It’s been a really rough couple of months and while I have sure spent my fair share of time wallowing, I’ve also managed a thought or two.  I’ve come to the conclusion that when you are chronically ill or in pain you lose a lot of control over your own life.  This presents itself in small ways in social situations where we are invited to something a week from today and we can’t really say yes.  Not because we don’t want to go.  We definitely do.  We can’t say “yes” because we don’t know what our body is going to do to us a week from today.  Honestly, we don’t really know what it’s going to do 45 seconds from now.  It’s like we are subject to the change of invisible winds and try as we might to do everything right, one shift in direction of those winds and the…

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