What does it mean to live?

Then Everything Changed

Now I’m not asking what it means to be alive.  Then we would get into arguments about plants, fetuses, the whole Terry Schiavo thing, and even the argument about the potential for life being enough.  This discussion is going to be esoteric enough without jumping down that particular rabbit whole.  I want to know what it means to us as human beings to live as opposed to merely surviving.  This is important because this is a questions that people who are chronically ill and in pain ask themselves on a regular basis.

What does living mean? What does living mean?

Still living is hard to define because it means something different to everyone.  Some people live with a bunch of books or video games, while others can’t imagine life without dance clubs and big parties, or others live to explore mountain tops and vast oceans.  No one is wrong or right in how they choose to…

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