Why Should I be Grateful?

Then Everything Changed

Most days this is an impossible question to answer.  Not just for someone like me.  We all have our struggles and it’s hard to find that proverbial silver lining.  Especially when we are bombarded from every angle by news of murder, racism, animal cruelty, human cruelty, war, and so much more.  Still, when struggling with chronic pain and illness it’s very hard to even reach for, much less find what is actually good in your life.  Living hurts, it’s a constant struggle, and it seems that the world as a whole is bound and determined to make it harder on us.

It can be tough It can be tough

The last few months I’ve had some pretty rough experiences.  Instances where both friends and strangers said and did things that were extremely painful.  I’ve always been pretty sensitive, but with this illness I find that being attacked or mistreated because of it really strikes…

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