#80 Depression – ‘They Found A Cure!’


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It is fair to say I have never been a major player in the ‘alternative’ medicine scene. The major stumbling block was that it doesn’t work, has no scientific basis whatsoever and takes us back by 400 years. Obviously, being a fair minded individual though, I would never discount something without trying it first.

When I was younger I found an old stack of dusty papers under my grandparents floorboards, and on them there seemed to be a recipe. It said to be effective, you need to boil a cauldron of frogs feet, a child’s tooth, a labradors arm pit and a lock of Donald Trump’s hair. The consumer of such a potion would be then be transformed. I tried it on my brother and he immediately turned into a clock, which explains why later in life, in times of hunger, he’d…

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