Hi Everyone

Hi everyone…

i’ve been rather quiet lately … i’ve been going through a lot of stuff lately… with my health. i had a really nasty kidney infection a few weeks ago and i had to call the ambulance bout 2 weeks ago as my temperature was in the 40’s and i live alone so couldnt really do much as i was really weak. spent abt a week in hospital. got discharged last week. still on a lot of antibitotics. the pain in my hand shot up significantly when i was ill. im feeling better now. got the swine flu vaccine today as my gp recommended i get it and im going back into work tommorow. been feeling a bit low lately as well. probably coz of the weather… i dunno exactly but i’ve asked my gp to refer me to a psychologist. i was finding it extremely hard living alone recently and wasnt eating properly. i’ve got my mum over now. she ‘s gonna stay with me til early jan. i really need to put on weight fast. i saw a dietician when i was in hospital and she asked me to ask my gp tp prescribe me sme protein shakes. i’ve lost 18kgs in the last year… mainly coz of all the stuff i went through at the start of the year wit my ex. but since then i just dont seem to be putting on any weight…. right now i’m just 46kgs. hopefully the protein shakes would do smething. still managing without any pain killers except for the occasional tramadol if its really bad but other than that i dont take any pain killers or sleeping tablets…


Oroginal Post, posted myself 10-12 years ago..


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