Quick Question

for ppl who dont know me…. had accident in aug 2000, got arm amputated on june 2007… lifes def better than b4… but still after 8 yrs i still have not figured out a way to fall asleep…. i spend atleast 4-5hrs each night with pain unable to sleep… with or without my pills its the same…
Last Christmas i gave up my sleeping tablet called zopiclone and that made me do more things like work n i had a more clear head..my plan is to stop all my pills soon but to just have a REALLY REALLY good sleeping pill for emergencies when im having a really bad night. The last few weeks i gave up taking tramadol (after abt 4 yrs)… and clonazepam… the pains been horrible!!! (Only at night when i try to sleep though… ) during the day i managed to keep it under control…and im not working right now so i guess my body doesn’t get tired enough…
so right now the only pain killlers that i am on is 150mg pregabalin in the morning and 300mg pregabalin at night…. im hoping to stop that gradually in the next few weeks as well..
can someone plz reccomend a really really strong sleeping tablet that will help me sleep instantly when im having a lot of pain…. i dont wanna use it regularly but only for emergencies coz ill be going back to work in the new year hopefully and it s hard to wake up at abt 7am when u fall asleep only at abt 4 or 5 every night…


Oroginal Post, posted myself 10-12 years ago..



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