Doing Very Well

i’ll be at squires with vimi, jude n my mum. n my dad might also come along. ..

i’ve been doing really well since last october. havent really posted anything on coz ive been working so many hours n i’m exhausted most of the time. the amputation really did change my life around. i havent been depressed at all since then. still does hurt a ++#% load but i do my best to keep my self busy. i’ve also cut down on my pills… stopped taking my sleeping pill (7.5mg zopiclone) completely. then reduced to 600mg pregabalin from 750mg , n from 100mg tramadol to 50mg. going to stop taking tramadol completely soon… i occasionally take 0.5mg of clonazepam at night to help me sleep. i think cutting down on the pills also has made me do more things, be more confident of myself n socialize more.. anyways… i’ll catch up with all of u at squires.. vimi might not be able to make it sometimes coz she works every weekend now n she just started a new job. but will see…..

Oroginal Post, posted myself 10-12 years ago..


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