A step forward

24th April 2017

Woke up this morning to some good news!

I’ve been contacting doctors in Sri Lanka who specialize in BPI/ nerve patients.

I got in touch with Dr. Dammika Dissanayake exactly a month ago and after couple brief messages I finally got a meeting to meet him this Thursday.

His profile from www.omicsonline.org/

Dammika Dissanayake obtained his MD in year 2000. He initially had training in General Surgery that was followed by Plastic Surgery which included special training in Hand Surgery. His special interests include aesthetic surgery and micro surgery. He was trained in Sri Lanka, India, Australia and Singapore. He has several publications in indexed journals to his credit. He also has delivered many lectures/presentations in international forums. He has been instrumental in conducting several free reconstructive surgery sessions for the underprivileged patients amounting to hundreds of operations over the years.

So over next couple of days must work out the questions I need to ask him at our meeting on the current treatment methods of BPI patients and also to refer patients and there families to the online support group for support.

Lets hope it goes well!!

Will update over weekend on how it went.

Andrew de Bond

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