Day 1 – 14 Swimming Training summary – YouTube

It’s been 2 weeks now since I started journey to get fit by swimming & spread awareness for Brachial Plexus Injury.

This week I couldn’t train on 3 days as we experienced bad weather on 2 days and on Mondays are pool is closed. However I managed to swim 1.1km during the week.

On day 1 it took me 25secs to do a lap in our pool (20m). By day 14 I did a lap in 18secs (minus around 1 – 2secs on each video as the video begins bit early or finishes slightly after completing lap).

It’s still very early days and I would need to train in a longer Olympic size pool (50m) soon. Until that happens my target is to complete a 20m lap in 12secs (or as close).

That way if I can keep up my stamina for 50m in the same speed it would give me a good chance to train nationally & hopefully compete at a Paralympics swimming event.

Need to change my diet to assist in the process.

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