Very Effective Ayurvedic way of Treating Neuropathic Pains

Clinical Review
Diagnosis and management of neuropathic pain

Very Effective Ayurvedic way of treating neuropathic pains

Most of the neuropathic pains have an effective treatment stratagies
in Ayurvedic medicine.The treatments include external application of the
warm herbal medicated oils over the effected parts of the body on daily
basis at least for a period of 21 days.

The treatment is called in Ayurveda as Bahya-sneha or Abhyanga. These
treatments are so effective that even it is possible to withdraw the high
dosage of NSAIDs and even steroid dependent anti-inflammatoy agents such
as dexamethazone and prednisolone.

The application of the medicated oil is followed by medicated herbal
steam application.This form of herbal medicated steam application is known
as Sweda karma in Ayurveda.

The combination of both Sneha and Sweda (application of the medicated
oil & medicated steam application ) is a clinically proven and
effective non- invasive form of therapeutic measure of managing not only
neuropathic pains but also many forms of chronic pains in a very effective

Ayurvedic System of medicine has an effective concept of
understanding the patho-physiology of the various forms of neuropathic
pains. This system treats such ailments by catogerizing them in “Vata”
form of diseases.

This form of Aurvedic treatment not only is saving thousands of
patients from becoming dependents on NSAIDs, Steroids as well as other
forms of tricyclic antidepressants etc. in India.

It is the High time for premier institutions such as NIH as well as
National institute for complementary and alternative medicine (NCCAM) to
recognize such highly reputed Ayurvedic treatments for the benefit of

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