Prosthetic Centre in Sri Lanka

P&O International focuses on the unique needs of individuals, with upper extremity amputations , bringing them the latest technologies and clinical techniques. P&O International guides a team of upper limb/extremity clinicians through extensive, specialized training.

While the average prosthetic clinic may see only one or two upper limb/extremity patients a year, our upper limb/extremity specialists work with hundreds of patients each year – more than any other prosthetic provider in the Sri Lanka. Our upper limb/extremity research and fabrication center in Delhi, Sri Lanka, is dedicated exclusively to upper limb/extremity prosthetics. We also have specialists positioned in countries like Sri Lanka & Nigeria and can travel to other International locations as needed. This approach means less travel for patients, allowing them to stay closer to family and friends.

Selecting and learning to use a prosthesis can be a major challenge. Our specialists make facing this challenge a little easer with a comprehensive program that addresses each person’s functional, psychological and occupational needs.

At P&O International, we provide the upper extremity services improves quality of life for patients by offering the care and services needed to regain mobility and functionality lost as a result of injury. We always begin with a conservative approach to treating hand and upper extremity problems. Our comprehensive care and individualized treatment plans are designed to achieve the best possible results for every patient. By help of industry standard services, a physical disable live life in hassle-free manner. We have different kind of upper extremity solutions according to the patien’s specific needs.

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